Fractional Ownership

Did you purchase fractional ownership as an “Exit” from your Timeshare?

Over the last few years many timeshare owners have been mis-sold Fractional Ownership as a get out/exit proposition by Timeshare companies, it has now become very clear that these Fractional Purchases were merely a new way for timeshare companies to get additional monies from their ever ageing member base.

These Fractional Products were sold to many owners who were already concerned about what would happen when they become too old or ill to travel. Worried about their families inheriting the burden of annual maintenance fees they have signed up to this product as an exit strategy. Fractional Ownership in fact does not guarantee any type of exit from your original timeshare liability and in many cases it actually increases liability for owners and their families legally. If you have purchased Fractional Ownership as an exit product, then please contact us for advice because in many cases you will have been have been mis-sold.

Did you purchase fractional ownership as an investment or a way to recoup some of the monies “lost’ on your timeshare purchases?

Fractional Ownership has been sold by Timeshare Companies as an investment which is highly illegal because there can be no “guarantee” or even projections given as assurances to what you may or may not get back?

In truth the chances of getting anything back from a Fractional purchase are minimal because the timeshare companies do not want to lose your valuable maintenance payments each year and will go to great lengths to ensure that you never have a way out of that liability. If you have purchased Fractional Ownership as an investment, please contact us for advice because you have been mis-sold.

Mis-Sold a Fractional Product? You are not alone…..

Many 1000’s of existing timeshare owners have purchased fractional products for either exit or investment over the last few years and now it is time to fight back against these timeshare companies who are only interested in how much more they can extort from you!!!

Hidden in many contracts, which most owners tend not to read when purchasing because you are never given the time to, are clauses that mean the timeshare companies have the legal right to increase your maintenance fees as much as they want and more importantly these contracts give the timeshare companies the power to keep you locked in for an indefinite period of time because you are liable for all maintenance fees on your fractional ownership “until such times that the property is sold”. Now this is poetic licence for the timeshare companies to never sell the properties and keep on charging you and your family large increasing maintenance fees for many many years to come. Do you really want your children and grand-children to have to pay a year liability that you have left them with?

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