Timeshare disposal companies

Timeshare Resorts are very rarely buying back or reselling the products as many owners were led to believe and most people can’t even give their Timeshares away due to the long-term financial liabilities which could be passed on to your children.

This has resulted in an increase in the number of people who are trying to get out of their Timeshare as well as the number of Timeshare Disposal Companies, some of which are genuine and others are not.

Very few of them have been around for more than a matter of months, so assessing their credibility and results is tricky, to say the least.


Among the services many genuine companies offer are:

  • Cancellation services
  • Legal Arbitration services
  • Credit protection services
  • Timeshare Investigation
  • Legal representation

Questionable Timeshare companies:

  • Cold calling is often the first point of contact, whereby someone is offering you help in selling or relinquishing your timeshare. This usually involves the seller to attend a meeting to discuss the procedure, but in reality the disposal is rarely discussed and another product(s) is usually offered instead.
  • Some companies do not invite you to attend any meetings, but “do business” over the phone.

Genuine companies do not ask you to make a decision on the spot, hand out your credit card details or do anything to make you feel uneasy.

Questionable Timeshare Disposal companies use a variety of tricks and pressure methods to get you to part with more money on the spot.

Remember, any company contacting you directly without your consent is breaking the Data Protection Law and should be reported.

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