Making things right when you've been wronged

If you have an unwanted timeshare, we ensure that it's termination is handled as smoothly as possible.

Getting the best from a bad situation

Seeking legal redress is rarely a pleasant experience. Our expert team guide you through every step of your termination. 

Flight Delays

If you're delayed by more than three hours or your flight's cancelled, you are entitled  to up to £520 in compensation.

Direct Claims

If like many timeshare owners you have been mis-sold you may have grounds to make a direct claim against the resort.

Timeshare Claims

At last legislation has turned the tables in favour of the timeshare owner. Timeshare can now be relinquished and compensation received.

Consumer Credit

You may have signed a credit agreement which is 'unfair'. This may entitle you to compensation under section 140b of the Consumer Credit Act.

Timeshare Compensation

Our specialist team are at the end of the telephone, waiting and ready to help those who no longer wish to own Timeshare. We can offer simple workable advice, designed to inform you of your best course of action. Recent legislation has meant that there are a number of termination and compensation avenues for those who own Timeshare or similar Holiday Ownership products.

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Travel Delays & Cancellation

If your flight was subject to delay, cancellation or overbooking you may be liable to receive compensation of up to €600 per passenger. This amount of compensation is irrespective of the price you paid for your flight but is determined by length delay and the distance of your journey. Although the airline is legally bound under European regulations to pay compensation, it will most likely refuse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Client Testimonials

“We would like to thank the team at Claims Solution Group for their support and professionalism in the handling of our case. Approximately 4 years ago we paid a substantial amount of money to a Canarian legal company to fight our case against Diamond Resorts. We also had to pay for a trip to Tenerife to attend a supposed court case that never actually happened. Then, during 2016 we received communication from advising us that we had lost our case and asking us to pay them further substantial funds for an appeal. We became very suspicious at this point and contacted Bryan Wilson at Claims Solution Group to take over our case. Two months after hiring them, they have successfully terminated our contract with Diamond Resorts and are currently in the process of claiming refunds from Diamond Resorts and the legal firm.”

Brian and Rosaline Lilly (February, 2017)

“We would like to thank Claims Solution Group for their work on our behalf. Sean Brinkman, the senior consultant, explained clearly the process time scale and costs of your work with the timeshare company. The whole process has been efficiently and skilfully carried out. Our thanks to Bryan Wilson, the director of claims solution group, for guiding us through the requirements, and keeping us informed at regular intervals. Your legal partners were very efficient, and we were pleased to receive their protection certificate of indemnity. We would recommend anyone with timeshare problem to contact Claims Solution Group for advice and help.”

Michael and Sonia Cage (January, 2017)

“We would like to say a very big thank you to you and your staff regarding our Fractional Ownership with Diamond Resorts. As you know, our case was successful and we have been paid out in full with the Section 75 claim. We are pleased to be free from the burden of paying extortionate management fees to Diamond Resorts every year, ie a potential further cost of nearly £80,000 up to 2054, this based on this year’s management fees which have been increased yet again by 13 per cent. We have been most grateful for your continued assurances throughout this case. Thank you to Anne for making the initial journey from Aberfeldy to put us in the picture. Phone calls from yourself and Bryan have kept us updated and have been most welcome. We wish you every success for the future.”

Pauline and Patrick Nicholls (January, 2017)

“I thought I would let you know that I have received a letter from the legal team informing us that we have no more payments to make to Diamond Resorts and that we are now free from the timeshare trap! I can’t believe how quick it has been and we have worked out that the fee we have paid will be returned in saved payments within six months from our termination date, not even taking into account any mis-sold payments you are having returned to us. My wife and I would just like to say how appreciative we are of the fast, efficient and professional job that Claims Solution Group have done for us. Thanks so much, we have been worrying for a long time about how we would cope with the Timeshare bill in our retirement, but this has been such a quick and worry free solution and we can’t thank you enough.”

Thomas Woods (December, 2016)

“Hi Melanie, Bryan and Tyrone. 
Just to say a big Thank You for helping us with the termination of our Diamond Resorts points.We entered negotiations with you with trepidation, but it has been a smooth and successful journey. With a great sigh of relief we are out of the worry.
Once again thank you and I would definitely recommend you to other time share members.

Lesley and Terence Kaye (March, 2017) 

"After 20 years of timeshare ownership, latterly with Diamond Resorts and due to the fact we did not want to continue our membership, we were contacted by a company in Tenerife who guaranteed us that they would get us out. This turned out to be a rogue company who took £14,000 from us and we got nothing from them. We then sought help from Bryan and the team at Claims Solution Group who were only too happy to help us. To date they have managed to get us a full refund from the rogue company in Tenerife, have also had our membership with Diamond Resorts relinquished and are almost finished with getting us a refund for a further 2 false contracts that Diamond put us into. Can't thank Bryan and the team enough for everything they have done for us so far and would urge anyone with a timeshare membership they want out of to contact these guys in the first instance. Top team!"

Christopher Boyd (May, 2017)

"Hi Bryan, 

I would just like to say thank you for the work you have done to successfully terminate our connection with Diamond and to organise the refund of the money we paid for the Fractional points. In fact, you managed to reclaim over £2600 more in lost interest which is fantastic. Everything has gone smoothly and Legal have kept in touch with us throughout the process.

Thank you very much"

John Anderson (May, 2017)

"We are so pleased to have had our Timeshare liability ended with Pestana so quickly. 

You have all been so efficient.

Thank you"

Yours sincerely,

Anne and Gordon Naylor (June, 2017)

“We would like to thank you all at Claims Solution Group for the successful withdrawal from our Fractional Points Contract with Diamond Resorts International. Not cheap, but well worth the future freedom from the threat of ever-rising Maintenance Fees, and all without hassle from DRI administration.

A satisfactory conclusion. Thank you all again for your excellent service.”

Janette and Ken Prior - now ex-members (June, 2017)

"Our case to seek compensation from Diamond Resorts is nearing completion and the lawyer is extremely confident of success.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bryan Wilson and his team of lawyers for the professional service they provided to win our cases and to release us from these nightmare contracts with Diamond Resorts and ReClaimGC."  

(Full copy of letter on Testimonials page)  

Brian & Rosaline Lilly (June, 2017)

"Recently my wife died after a long illness and I reluctantly decided I could no longer make the annual pilgrimage to Loch Rannoch. We had enjoyed many years there and it was a highlight of our year. I tried the usual routes for having the Holiday Certificate reassigned but to no avail. A member of the Club mentioned Bryan Wilson of the Claims Solutions Group to me, and when I contacted him I was impressed by his enthusiasm and total confidence that he would be able to achieve the reassignment fairly speedily, where others had failed. I decided to put my trust in him and it was handsomely rewarded when he arranged a reassignment within a couple of months. It would have been even quicker if the Club had not been so busy and of course the certificate was in joint names so firstly it had to be reassigned to me alone before I could then arrange for Bryan to do his work. Even in this part, he was able to help (being local meant he could speedily access the administrators at the Highland Club).

In short, the Claims Solutions Group, particularly its Director Bryan Wilson, performed a first class job, quickly given the circumstances, and efficiently. They solved a great problem for me and were well worth the fee. I can highly recommend them."

Dr M Ford (June, 2017)

"Thank you, Bryan and all the staff at Claims Solution Group for settling the dispute between myself and Diamond Resorts about misleading information which lead them to miss sell holiday accommodation to us. Many companies contacted us with the promise of getting some return on our money but after listening to our story you guaranteed to rid us of Diamond forever by legally terminating our timeshare agreement. This you have done with very little inconvenience to ourselves.

We cannot thank you enough for ridding us of the weight from our shoulders.

I can recommend you to anyone who believes they have been miss sold Timeshares."

Thanks again,

George and Viv Hamilton (September, 2017)

"Many thanks for processing the transfer and termination of my Mother`s Timeshare liability with Loch Rannoch Highland Club so expediently and smoothly, I am very grateful that this has been completed so satisfactorily."

All the very best,

David Clyne (October, 2017)

"Claims Solutions have dealt with our claim over the past 18 months regarding Fractional Ownership. We have found the company very competent and trustworthy. Bryan Wilson has dealt promptly and politely with any queries that we have had and a satisfactory outcome was achieved with our claim for mis-sold Fractional Ownership. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to deal with any timeshare claim."

Yours sincerely,

Mr and Mrs P Nicholls (December, 2017)

"Initially I had reservations but after meeting with Bryan and Eleanor of Claims Solution Group I entered into an agreement for the termination of my Timeshare Ownership. True to their word I was regularly updated on progress until several months later I was freed from my Timeshare contract. I would like to thank Claims Solution Group and their legal team for a professional service and successful outcome with no hidden costs."

Raymond Cairney (December, 2017)

"We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the team at Claims Solution Group in Aberfeldy for the swift and seamless termination of our timeshare contract with DRI.

Bryan and the team were in contact throughout and could not have been more helpful.

After many, many years of enjoyment we had noticed a significant change in the ethics of the business particularly after the takeover by Apollo which made us seriously question the direction the new company was taking.

As paying customers (via the not inconsiderable maintenance fees) we did not wish to be treated as “assets” rather than guests, which, is how we were beginning to feel.

Thanks guys, we’re free."

John & Jane Wattam (January, 2018)

"Firstly, to let you know we have received confirmation of our termination of ownership from Loch Rannoch Highland Club, for which we are most grateful.

We would like to thank you for your excellent service in processing the transfer and termination of our timeshare liabilities so swiftly and smoothly.

We would definitely recommend you to other timeshare owners who would like release from their obligations.

Thank you once again.

With our best regards"

Syd and Sheila Shaw (September 2018)

"Hope all is good with you and yours.

Just a short mail to thank you and your girls for the help and assistance you have given us regarding our timeshares.

The Solicitor dealing with our cases has now confirmed to us that the contract has been fully relinquished.

Talk sometime maybe.

Kind regards"

Alan Usher (September 2018)

"I would like to thank Bryan and his team for helping me to finally get free from Diamond Resorts. I would highly recommend anyone in the same situation to get in touch with Claims Solution Group. The Team are very friendly, helpful and professional. The hassle free way they dealt with my case has been very reassuring and was completed satisfactory."

John Bate (September 2018)

"We used Claims Solution Group to get us out of our Timeshare. Claims Solution were brilliant; they led us along the road to our ‘DRexit’ supporting us through the legal process, as we collected all the necessary documentation and evidence. We receive our monthly phone updates which reassure us that we haven’t been forgotten."

"The team at Aberfeldy are incredibly friendly and helpful and can’t do enough for you. We are so grateful to them and highly recommended their services."

Zoe and Robert Smallman (October 2018)

"ALL of us with timeshare that we want to get out of are ALWAYS ALWAYS dubious of promises and guarantees that this time is different; this time though, IT IS!"

"Claims Solution Group put you at ease, take all the hassle, and don't care if you ring them all the time asking for updates. The thing is, you don't need to; if there is any news, they are straight in to you, but it didn't stop me calling, and they always have time for you and make you feel like a friend is helping you out."

I am out of mine, no more fees, no more timeshare, no more worries that the kids will end up paying for it later, no ore broken promises or sales pitches during the next holiday......if you manage to get the dates you want!

Just awaiting the team to sort out the financial reimbursement side now!

Guy Morris (October 2018)

"Hi, Bryan, 

Just a note to say thank you for relieving my wife and I of a burden which had deeply concerned us in recent years, since, through age, we were no longer able to enjoy our Loch Rannoch Highland Club timeshare week. We had advertised it for sale for £1 for a number of years and entered it in the Club's annual draw for buy-back without success. It was, therefore, a huge relief when the Club's Assignation Manager gave me your contact details and our timeshare was transferred quickly and very professionally. 

I should add that our lawyer was also relieved that he did not have to provide for that in-perpetuity contract in our executry. 

Thanks again" 

Alistair Beaton (February 2019)

"I would like to endorse Claims Solution Group, Aberfeldy for handling our extraction from Timeshare Ownership in a professional manner, with the minimum of hassle. There was good communication during the whole process to let us know how it was all proceeding".


Mary - Somerset (February 2019)

"When we first decided to end our Timeshare agreement we looked on the internet for a company to do this,there were so many to choose from and we decided on one company that seemed to be the right one. After meeting their Rep in a rented office in York and having sat with him for over an hour we seemed to have found the right one, however after paying a deposit by credit card the balance had to be paid by cheque which we did and signed all the forms required. After over six months we had heard nothing and went online to find the companies email address only to find the company was not what it seemed,there were stories of it being a scam and con and the phone numbers never got answered which turned out to be true which meant we had lost our money as we had paid by cheque with no recourse of regaining a considerable sum.

Whilst on the Internet we saw the Claims Solution Group advert and we talked it over before deciding to go and meet them in their office on Merseyside as we were now very cautious of being conned again. What a diference we found there, a proper office not a rented room and people who seemed to know what they where talking about,very polite and instructive as to what we needed to do. We spent most of the afternoon there as everything was explained in great detail and the steps forward laid out. Another thing was that payment was by Credit Card so we had recourse to reclaim our money if anything went wrong. Now we no longer have a Timeshare and Claims Solution Group have kept us fully informed all through the procedure being in contact every six weeks or so that we are kept up to date with everything that was needed. If you need a Company you can trust then you only have to go Claims Solution Group they DO WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN."

David & Maureen Dowling (March 2019)

"We are very happy with the way Claims Solution Group handled our Time Share and would recommend them to any person looking to get out."

Jim & Beryl Clayton (March 2019)

"To Everyone at Claims Solution Group,

We would just like to to say a huge thank you to all of you for getting us out of our timeshare. We greatly appreciated your care, knowledge and expertise. It was really refreshing for someone to actually do what they say they are going to do and keeping us in the loop with regular phone calls. It is all the little things put together which made the whole process much easier.

Thank you all once again"

The Tuslers (March 2019)

"We have had a timeshare in Portugal for over 26 years. We used it and were happy for some years but recently, we were getting increasingly dissatisfied with it. We couldn't find any availability for the dates we wanted which we were told are in high demand because they were during the school holidays. However, being a teacher, I can not have time off any other time but during the school holidays. The second reason we wanted to terminate our contract was that maintenance fees were going up every year by more than the rate of inflation and there was no explanation as to what the money was used for. It became apparent that we were not making any use of the timeshare and what is more, we were going to leave debt to our children who would have needed to continue to pay the maintenance fee for the share of the flat in Portugal. We contacted several companies specializing in timeshare termination. Claim Solution Group were the ones that were more responsive, contacting us and arranging a home visit to explain the process.

Their representative visited us at home during the weekend at a time convenient for us. We talked through the process we needed to go through and he answered all our questions. He personally collected all documents needed for the lawyers. The process had begun. It was a long process of about 8 months but I believe, that is the lawful time for negotiation and time for response for the management company. Meanwhile, we had a named person from Claim Solution Group, who we could talk to, ring and who rang us regularly to keep us informed about the progress of our case.

The Law firm has sent us all the final documents for the cancellation of the timeshare.

What is more, our named person from Claim Solution Group still rings us from time to time to keep in touch or to reassure us that they are still there in case we need them or we have any questions or demands from the timeshare company.

This was a long and expensive process but well worth it."

Dimitar and Lilia Mirtchev (March 2019)

"We were introduced to Claims Solution Group by a third party as a way of helping us to exit our time share. For the first few months there seemed not to be any progress and we were beginning to think we had made an error in accepting this route. However we were then kept in touch with the progress and finally a successful conclusion was reached at the year end. We would be happy to recommend Claims Solution Group should others find it difficult to exit their time shares."

John and Jane Watson (March 2019)

"Just want to say thanks for all your help in assisting me to successfully completing the termination of my Timeshare. I can highly recommend Claims Solution Group. They are friendly,easy to talk to and maintain regular contact at every stage of the process."

James McCaughan (March 2019)

"I would be happy to recommend the services of "The Claims Solutions Group”, on the basis of the work done and services rendered so far in relation to terminating my timeshare.

All of the explanations and promises given by your representative have so far been met in full. In addition to this I have had regular, helpful, friendly and informative communications from your office. These updates have taken the form of both written and regular telephone updates on progress, any questions I have had have been answered to my satisfaction, either immediately, or if your representative did not have the answer immediately to hand they have gone away to seek the necessary information, and have rung me back in a timely fashion with the appropriate information. I find this refreshing that rather than being “fobbed off”, with a partial answer, your people always make sure that they are 100% correct in their answers.

I look forward with your continued assistance to the completion of the second part of the work you are undertaking on my behalf, that is the recovery of the monies paid to the timeshare company."

Nick Whitby (April 2019)

"We used the Claim Solutions Group to get us out of our timeshare in Tenerife, which had we realised at the time, was to become a major issue not only for ourselves but our family, as there seemed no way out despite numerous attempts to do so. Following a personal visit, Claim Solutions took our case and today we are no longer tied into a timeshare, taken out some 20 years ago.

Throughout the process, which took many months, Claim Solutions kept us fully informed at regular intervals on the progress they were making. This we found very helpful as well as reassuring.

Eventually the day came when we received the news that our timeshare in Tenerife had been terminated and that Claim Solutions would continue with our case to claim back any compensation we are due.

We are very grateful for all the work Claim Solutions did on our behalf and for their professionalism throughout."

Neil and Lorraine Beacock (April 2019)

"Hi Kimberly nice speaking to you today I am writing to say what service you done for us that it was a smooth transaction you were all very helpful in explaining in detail all that was done, many thanks for the excellent job you have done for us"

Colin and Bernadette Savage (April 2019)

"Further to our recent communications regarding my time share I had with RCI.

I would like to thank all your team for the prompt and professional manor in which my terminationn of contract was dealt with. I would defiantly recommend your company to others in my situation"

Gwyn Hadridge (April 2019)

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your company and staff of Claim Solution Group for your efforts, support and professionalism in dealing with our successful complaint regarding our Timeshare and Points and our removal from the contract with Diamond Resorts. This has resulted in no further payments of Management Fees.

We also appreciate the ongoing assistance with claims for recompense due to mis-selling of Points and Fractions, which is being handled by your Legal team.

We would gladly recommend your company to other unhappy Timeshare and Point System customers, who require prompt and efficient assistance while dealing with unscrupulous companies."

Peter & Christine - Ex-Diamond Resorts Members (May 2019)

"Wendy and I are very satisfied with the progress made in terminating our Diamond Points contracts.

It had previously taken many years and more a number of other organisation before we made this progress with CSG."

Peter & Wendy Brady (May 2019)

"The staff at Claims Solution Group have guided me through the relinquishment of my timeshare in a way that many other companies have failed to do. Working closely with an excellent solicitor they made the process as painless as possible keeping me informed at every stage. They were unfailingly courteous and stayed in touch every two weeks or so. The success of the process means I am very happy to recommend them."

John Targett (May 2019)

"We have been very pleased with the work done by Claims Solution Group and their legal partners.  It has taken a very long time to progress our claim, due to the Financial Ombudsman Service, but Claims Solutions give us regular updates and we have an indemnity insurance certificate from their legal partners."

Angela Mitchell (June 2019)

"Many thanks for the wonderful work you all have done whilst getting me out of CLC membership. I really appreciate the brilliant communication and support throughout the process. It's been fantastic!"

Sarah McCann (June 2019)

"The meeting in Aberfeldy was very informative. I gave them the go ahead to terminate my contract with Silverpoint. You carried out the termination very quickly and I am very satisfied with your work. Now looking forward to getting a settlement."

Colin Hampton (June 2019)

"Thank you for the work carried out by Claims Solutions Group on behalf of My wife Ursula and myself.

The success thus far in terminating the agreement was most welcome. We had spent many years trying to achieve this and it cost us an enormous amount of money. No positive result and Claims solutions achieved the termination of the contract speedily and without fuss. Well done to all concerned.

We look forward to the next stage but we are aware that these matters do take time."

Chris & Ursula Albrow (June 2019)

"To show our appreciation for the quick and professional manor in which you terminated our association with Diamond Resorts. Thanks too for the information regarding the reclaiming of our expenditure with other failed companies. "

D & V Whittington (July 2019)

"Thanks to Claims Solutions Group they got us out of diamond resorts timeshare they kept us up to date every month so easy to contact and they are in Scotland so very contactable we are very pleased to know they are doing the claims thank you Claims Solutions Group."

John & Dee Spooner (July 2019)

"My wife & I have been very pleased with the service from Claims Solution Group to aid our exit from a two-week timeshare ownership in Florida. We had been trying to sell the timeshare for some years, having paid for advertising (suggested by the ownership company) but with absolutely no success and no enquiries. The maintenance fees were increasing in addition. CSG contacted us about 18 month ago & gave us an excellent service with regular updates on the progress of our guaranteed exit form the ownership. Other than the initial paperwork we had nothing else to do ourselves. We have been finally released form the ownership contract, much to our delight. The overall costs will be quickly recouped by the cessation of the annual maintenance fees. We found all the staff at both companies really friendly, cooperative and easy to deal with - we cannot recommend them highly enough."

Ian & Hazel Wales (August 2019)

"We thought we would never get out of this Diamond Resorts nightmare, we had been lied to and had money taken from us for which we received a poor or none existing service. Then our prayer were answered, The Claims Solution Group, they explained what they could do, how it would happen, and the likely time it would take. They have been true to their word and we can’t thank them enough, we have found the Claims Solution Group to be very professional and friendly with regular update calls on our case, including progress and position within the claim process. We cannot recommend them more highly, with a named person to contact us and help with our enquiries they are excellent."

Steve & Sally Harris (August 2019)

"I was approached in November 2018 by Claims Solution Group (CSG) asking if I would like to terminate my timeshare contract with Diamond Resorts. Both my wife and I had been talking about this for a while but me being a very sceptical person wasn’t sure how to proceed as there are numerous people out there wanting to scam you. With the thought that we needed to do something, we agreed for an agent to come and give us talk about the process.

The agent came to our house and gave a very in depth talk about how the process would work and which firm of solicitors they used. I was impressed with the talk but being the person I am, I was still not willing to sign up until my wife pointed out that at some time I was going to have to trust someone sooner or later if I ever wanted to get out of this timeshare contract.

The whole process took about 6 months but we were kept informed throughout. Starting the end of November and having Christmas and the New Year with In the time of the termination stretched the process out. CSG rang me every week giving us the latest position as to where we were in the process and were always on hand to answer any questions that we had.

We were verbally advised in May and received our letter at the end of May to say our contract with Diamond Resorts was now terminated. The two things that mainly concerned me with the timeshare was the rising costs of maintenance and the perpetuity contract which meant that it would pass on to our children regardless of whether they wanted it or not. I’m glad my wife gave me that bit of a push to start the process as I feel it’s a big weight lifted from me now."

Mr J. Manns (August 2019)

"At the time of writing we are very impressed with your service may it continue."

Ann & Peter Johnson (August 2019)

"We would like to thank the team at Claims Solution and their legal team for their hard work on our behalf to successfully terminate our contract with Diamond Resorts. We are pleased to be free of the burden of paying extortionate management fees every year. My wife and I would like just to say how appreciative we are of the fast, efficient and professional work that you have done for us.

We understand that you are now putting all your efforts into claiming compensation for us. Once again thank you so much and we would definitely recommend you to other time share members."

Adrian and Janet James (August 2019)

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