Travel Delays & Cancellation

If you booked a flight that departed from Europe or was with a European airline, under EU law you have the right to compensation if you have a delayed or cancelled flight. Below are some examples of the trigger points and the compensation you would be entitled to. The Claims Solution Group have a simple and straightforward process designed to making claiming easy.

Has your flight been delayed for more than 2 hours?

Your airline must provide something to eat and drink, telephone and email access and a suitable place to stay if you suffer from an overnight delay - and travel from the airport to your accomodation. The airline must offer you the means to purchase these items but if this is not the case keep any receipts and in order to receive a refund from the airline once you return home.

Delays of more than 3 hours

As detailed above you should already have received a voucher for something to eat and drink, and help with telephone calls and a suitable place to lodge if appropriate. You are due compensation if the delay is the deemed to be the responsibility of the airline such as mechanical problems or delays due to a lack of bookings.

Compensation is not liable for delays caused by things such as industrial action or storms.

If your flight is cancelled

Any cancellation entitles you to a complete refund, including other flights that you would not be able to use, that were part of the original booking such as outward or return bookings. You should also be offered a substitute flight to your planned airport of arrival. A refund should be given at the airport but in many cases, you will need the assistance of the Claims Solution Group in pursuing a full compensation claim.


Flight delays of more than 5 hours

At this point, you are not compelled to use this flight, regardless of who is ultimately deemed responsible for the delay. If you choose not to take the flight the airline must provide a total reimbursement of the flight costs and attached flights, e.g. an outward or return journey. They should also provide a flight to the original embarkation airport.

Should you decline to take the flight,  you can claim compensation of up to €600, this can vary according to the destination and distance of the journey. This only applies if the delay is deemed to be within the responsibility of the airline.

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